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The quality of their work is impressive.

By: adminjc | November 21, 2015 | 2 Comment/s

November 21, 2015

We had a serious emergency with our rubble build house. A large section proved to have become disattached. Upon removing render and surveying a developing crack we discovered that there was was a separation you could almost put your head in! It became  apparent that the cross passage extension in our Devon Longhouse had fallen down 3 times before during its very long term existence and had various methodologies used to try and keep it together. There was also separation of the inner and outer skins on one aspect. Earthouse were able to achieve an initial stabilisation of the structure and then repair using a mix of modern and traditional techniques whilst retaining the original that was salvageable. The end result is a stable structure that retains its original features and hopefully will remain so for very many more hundreds of years. We had seen works carried out by Earthouse on other buildings and were impressed with the results, plus they were able to help with the emergency. The quality of their work upon completion is impressive.

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