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The finish on our house is exceptional.

By: adminjc | August 2, 2016 | 2 Comment/s

Cob house, Cullompton
August 2, 2016

If your building is in need of repair, Sean’s team are excellent; I stumbled across them on the Internet when searching for someone to re-render my cob house. I had researched and spoken to a number of specialist cob companies, but Earthouse were the most passionate about building conservation.

Sean offered advice and guidance without any obligation to use him on the final job; his approach is very personal – he listened to what I wanted and talked me through all the different approaches, understanding the budget I was having to work within. He was always around if I had a question, needed something explaining, or had simply changed my mind!

There are bigger companies out there with bigger reputations, but this is a growing company with a growing reputation. The finish on our house is exceptional, and people in the street (including some builders down the road) often comment on how good it is. Indeed…..another house in the street has already had Sean render their house too

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