Exeter Townhouse – Decorative plaster work

Examples of decorative plaster work

Replacement of lathe and plaster work

Last year we worked with a customer who needed some work done in their kitchen. This was a really interesting project which allowed us to use a variety of decorative plaster work.

Exposed lathes - kitchen

Exposed lathes in the kitchen after removal ogf plaster

New lathe work - kitchen

New replacement lathes in the kitchen

These photos show the exposed lathes with the render removed. The second picture shows the restored lathes ready for lime render to be applied.

Renewal of decorative ceiling plaster work

Damaged ceiling

Plaster and lathe damage in the kitchen ceiling

New plaster work - kitchen

New plasterwork to the kitchen ceiling

Decorative plaster work - ceiling

Decorative plasterwork in place in the kitchen

The three photos above show the restoration of a chunk of decorative ceiling plaster. The second photo shows the restored plaster work; this intricate work was done by hand in order for it to match the rest of the plaster work. At Earthouse we try to only do what really needs doing and to keep the original features of a property wherever possible.

Decorative plaster rose - ceiling

Decorative plaster rose in the ceiling

The central plaster rose is a lovely feature of the house which we wanted to preserve. The previous paint work had hidden a lot of the more intricate details so we uncovered this.

Venetian plastering

Venetian plastering stage 1

Stage 1 of Venetian plastering for the splash back in the kitchen area

Venetian plastering - kitchen splash back

Venetian plastered kitchen splash back

We were very lucky to have a customer who was willing to try something a bit different. The above photos show Venetian plastering being used as a splash back in the kitchen area. The polished plaster surface means that it is very versatile and can be used to add colour and texture even in kitchen areas.

The finished kitchen in the Exeter town house

Completed kitchen in the Exeter town house

The feedback from our customer was very positive, please see their testimonial below:

“The walls and ceiling of the kitchen in our listed town house were in a really bad way and we were relieved when Sean was recommended to us. His mastery of traditional techniques and materials is second to none! He carefully restored part of the ceiling which had collapsed, building up layers to recreate the original pattern of the plaster work by hand. A ceiling rose was also meticulously stripped of old paint to reveal the delicate detailing. The walls came in for similar treatment – rotten lathes and plaster work were replaced where necessary and the existing lime plaster was repaired where it could be. Sean came  up with a brilliant alternative to a tiled splash back, labouring over a panel of Venetian plaster until he had achieved a perfect finish. He also advised us on suitable paints to decorate the room, which is now the centre piece of our home. Sean and his team completed the project over a number of months and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you, Sean.” 
Sharon and Richard Lawrence, Exeter