Earthouse Projects – Cob, Stone and Lime

Earthouse Project Management and Site Work – Cob and Lime

Earthouse Building Conservation Ltd has been fortunate enough to be involved in a diverse mixture of projects over the last twelve years and we wanted to share a few of these with you.

Our work takes us to private residential properties, commercial properties and even ecclesiastical buildings. We work closely with insurance companies and the local councils, particularly the Planning and Conservation Officers. If you are not sure where to start with a project we can often point you in the direction of the right person.

We project manage our own sites and we have also worked on sites managed by other contractors, most notably The Walronds. We also work on sites where customers want to manage their own property and we are able to assist them with this.

Cob, Stone and Lime Restoration Projects

Please have a look at some of the properties we have restored. The work was different at all of them , some needed more work than others. Primarily these buildings were cob or stone constructions, rendered in lime.

Lime rendered cottage

Medieval court farm, near Cullompton. Earthouse partially lime rendered this property.

Cob and thatch cottage restoration

Re-rendered Devon longhouse

A typical example of a Devon Long House in Westwood. Earthouse did all external restoration work. On the right of this picture you can see a partially worked portion of lime render, which we completed later.

A lovely property near Broadclyst. Earthouse applied a lime render finish and pointed the stone work, leaving it exposed in contrast to the softer lime work.

Stone and lime render finish

Stone and lime render finish

Completed restoration project

Full renovation and re-rendering of this Devon cottage.

This beautiful chocolate box near Honiton needed a full overhaul. The photos below show the works on the property to take it to the newly rendered condition shown above.

Cotleigh cob restoration

Cob repair to the end of the cottage

Repaired cob and lime render

End of the cottage following the repair and re-render

The photos above show the extent of the repair to the side of this cob cottage. Fully rendered in lime with an exposed stone plinth. This part of the property required extensive cob block and earth mortar repair.

Cob and brick repair

Cob block repair to the other end of the cottage

Repaired and lime rendered

Completed render on the end of the cottage

This shows another angle, also requiring full repair work to the existing cob, brick and stone work. Lime rendered to complete.

Long house conservation - near Honiton

Lime rendered and lime washed Devon farmhouse

This property is near Honiton; we have worked here for periods over the last five years. Earthouse installed limecrete floors throughout and completed all internal and external lime rendering.

Ecclesiastical Restoration Project – Westwood Chapel

Below are some pictures of the restoration work Earthouse did at Westwood Chapel. This involved stripping off the existing plaster work, and reapplying lime plaster and finally lime washing a stunning white.

Westwood Chapel - plaster restoration

Lime plaster applied

After stripping, following plaster and finally after lime washing. Similar work was undertaken around the chapel door.

Lime wash in white

Lime plaster and render around door

For more detailed information about what Earthouse do, please browse our website or have a look at our Blogs page.