Cob Cottage Conservation- Clyst St Lawrence

Passionate about Conservation

We are passionate about finding the correct conservation solution for your building; our aim is primarily to conserve buildings rather than dramatically alter them. Conservation can encompass a broad range of approaches and processes; every building is different and therefore we look for creative solutions which will fit with the building in question.

From our viewpoint, the term ‘conservation’ may be defined as the process of protecting a building and its surroundings from any change that might involve a loss of historic fabric, historic importance or character. We acknowledge that the majority of buildings we work on are either in use or will have a future use therefore we work closely with you to ensure that we understand your requirements throughout.

Although conservation does not mean freezing a building in its present state, it does mean that all alterations must be carefully justified beforehand, taking into account not only the effect of the works in the short term but also their consequences for the building, its character, historic interest and its functionality in the future.

Where buildings which are listed or in conservation areas are concerned, the degree of alteration permitted by local authorities will vary according to the importance of the building and the components affected and how essential the alteration is to the function of the building. At Earthouse we work closely with structural engineers and local authorities to achieve the best outcome possible.

Cob repair

Generally we work with damaged cob. There can be a number of reasons why cob deteriorates; depending on the level of deterioration this may have a knock on effect on other parts of the building, which we will always consider and discuss with you.

We really like this matter of fact article about cob on the Period Property UK website; it is useful for all owners of cob properties to have an understanding of the materials from which their building is structured.

Please visit our Blogs page to see recent examples of the Conservation projects we have been working on.

Useful Information

For more information of your obligations as a home owner and to make an application to Building Control in the Devon area, please visit the links below.

Devon Building Control – Teignbridge District Council Partnership

East Devon Building Control

North & Mid Devon Building Control

More generally, the National Trust and English Heritage both look after the conservation of historic buildings in the area and throughout the country.

The National Trust Building Conservation

English Heritage Conservation