Cellar restoration project, Devon

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Cellar restoration project Prior to us becoming Earthouse Building Conservation Ltd, we were just plain old Earthouse. One of the first projects we undertook as Earthouse in 2002 was this fantastic cellar restoration. The customer rang us the other day to discuss another project at her property and when I went to visit I couldn’t […]

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Cob cottage restoration and external lime rendering, Mid Devon

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Cob repair to external walls As with many beautiful cottages we come across in Devon, this one had been coated in a sand and cement render and painted with a non-breathable plastic based paint. As we know very well by now, plastic paints are not good for the environment…well, they certainly aren’t that great for […]

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External lime rendering, Devon

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Lime rendering, Devon Our customer asked us to undertake the external lime rendering on the rear of her cob and brick cottage in East Budleigh, Devon. At Earthouse Building Conservation we work on both large and small building restoration and conservation projects. We were pleased to accept this job as we had previously done the […]

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A guide to Cob and Lime Maintenance

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Cob and Lime Maintenance We talk a lot about restoring cob and lime buildings on this site – probably because by the time Earthouse has received a phone call, there is already a problem! In this blog we are going to talk about maintaining your building so that you do not get to this point. […]

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Tadelakt Bathrooms

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Tadelakt Bathrooms and Wet-rooms Earthouse recently worked on a new Tadelakt bathroom in association with Parker SW Ltd. Although it is an ancient plastering material, Tadelakt can create a contemporary look. When applied correctly, Tadelakt creates a waterproof surface meaning it is ideal for bathrooms and wet-rooms, reducing the requirement for tiles and unsightly grouting. It […]

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Lime wash vs Silica paint

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Threshing Barn Conversion – Central Devon

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The Threshing Barn Cob Barn Conversion Project In May 2016 we commenced work on a cob barn conversion. The old threshing barn is located rurally, in the heart of Devon’s countryside. When we began work the building was derelict. The tin roof was failing, thereby allowing water to seep into the cob walls, causing more […]

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Customer Testimonials

By: admin | November 20, 2015 | 0 Comment/s

Customer testimonials We always work hard to ensure that our customers are happy. This means working closely with the customer from the beginning right through to the end of the process. We are delighted that some of our customers have been kind enough to write us testimonials following our work on their properties. If you […]

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Earthouse Projects – Cob, Stone and Lime

By: admin | November 16, 2015 | 0 Comment/s

Earthouse Project Management and Site Work – Cob and Lime Earthouse Building Conservation Ltd has been fortunate enough to be involved in a diverse mixture of projects over the last twelve years and we wanted to share a few of these with you. Our work takes us to private residential properties, commercial properties and even […]

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Project Pizza Oven!

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No cob in this blog – Our experience building a Pizza Oven Being a bit of a foodie and a builder I thought it would be unforgivable not to build my own pizza oven!  In fact, this is not just a pizza oven – you can cook anything in this beast! You’re probably wondering why […]

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